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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Pig Trough Dance a Wedding Tradition

My sister brought this obscure wedding tradition to my attention today. She is getting married this summer and since she is younger than I thought that I should dance the Pig Trough or Hog Trough. She can forget it, I have no care how much bad luck I her, I am not doing the dance.

For those who are going, what is she talking about? The Pig Trough Dance evidently goes like this. When a younger sibling gets married before the older sibling, it is considered bad luck for the newlyweds. Of course the older sibling would not want to cause the newlyweds bad luck, so in order to break the curse, the older sibling dances ina hod trough at the younger siblings reception till the trough breaks. Personally I think this is more to humiliate the older sibling... I'll do the chicken dance, sis, not the pig dance!

YouTube has a few of these Pig Trough videos on them.




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